Who are we?

YourSona is a company that works with the furry fandom, we work directly with artists to bring furries the top quality designs they expect with any other clothing apparel company our mission is to support our clients and grow within the furry fandom for our top quality designs and fair prices to both the consumer and artist.

How do I contact support?

We have a dedicated support team to deal with all enquires and order issues you can contact them using our support icon on the bottom right of every page

Shipping and Production

Orders will have a processing time of 1-5 days however mostly we process your order in 3 days or less

We are currently only targeting America and Canada and we plan to slowly expand to other countries however if your country isn't listed you can contact support to see if we can make special arrangements see below shipping times and  countries Shipping may be affected by holidays and weekend These are Just Estimates

United States                              3-5 days

Canada                                        6-10 days

Europe                                         3-7 Days

Carriers May Vary 


How do we find our artists?

We contact our artists first, there is currently no way to apply or submit artwork however we may call for artist submissions from time to time.

Launch sale

This shirt is reduced for 24 hours for its launch!